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Nancy Trang August 28, 2022
"They have the largest selection of scrubs I'm the area. They have healing hands scrubs and lots of white coat selection. They didn't have the mid thigh white coat length I was looking for since I'm shorter and knee length would have been too long. I ended buying mine online and getting it embroidered here. They have different fonts and sizes. Customer service was great! I was immediately greeted and helped. They are a few people loitering outside be careful getting in and out of your car."
Christine Griggs July 13, 2022
"Tons of scrubs."
Stella Uzoh June 18, 2022
"Good customer service. Great place for good quality medical uniforms."
Matt Zeringue April 10, 2022
"Update: I posted this review and the owner herself personally reached out to me and delivered something that would work for me. She really went above and beyond to make this work. I really appreciated how fast she got this done on a weekend.__Ordered a couple sets of new scrubs that they said would be delivered last week.__I'm starting my new job tomorrow without my uniform. There has been zero communication from this business."
Liz N. February 12, 2022
"Everyone was so helpful! Plenty of options and styles."
Jessica Samson January 18, 2022
"Great service and great selection for uniforms. I had to have mine embroidered in the turnaround time was really quick. The staff is very friendly and very very helpful"